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Tune in for Rarity Rock Radio’s Top 10 Favorites of the Month for September 2023 playing daily at 9am, Noon, and 6pm PT, including the following new music gems:

1.) “Little Fires” – THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM (from upcoming new album ‘History Books’)

According to Stereogum, “At the end of October, the Gaslight Anthem are releasing their first new album in almost a decade, History Books. They’ve shared two singles from it so far, “Positive Change” and the Bruce Springsteen-featuring title track, and today they’re back with another single, “Little Fires.” “‘Little Fires’ is like the opposite end of the spectrum from the frustration you feel in ‘History Books,’” Brian Fallon said in a statement. “It’s an empowerment song, about refusing to play along with the kind of people who always seem to be throwing a grenade into the room for no particular reason.’””

2.) “MORE THAN YOU KNOW” – blink-182 (from upcoming new album ‘One More Time..’)

According to NME, “Blink-182 have released ‘One More Time’ and ‘More Than You Know’, two brand new tracks from their long-awaited new album. Released September 21, the new tracks mark the latest singles to be taken from the pop-punk trio’s highly-anticipated new album, ‘One More Time…’, and add to the current whirlwind of announcements the members have been making over the past week. The first of the newly released singles is the title track of the upcoming LP, which Mark Hoppus previously teased on social media as being “the Mount Rushmore of Blink-182 songs”. One of the more heartfelt and reflective tracks of their extensive discography, ‘One More Time’ sees the members look back at the emotional journey they’ve been through since forming the band. It also makes nods towards the tough and impactful moments they have each endured, including the cancer diagnosis of Hoppus and tragic plane crash experienced by drummer Travis Barker. The track is also accompanied by a reflective music video that pays homage to the different eras the band have been through. Although the title track was initially teased by Hoppus on TikTok yesterday, Blink have caught fans off-guard with the release of a second new track titled ‘More Than You Know’. Noticeably more lively than its counterpart, the track hears the three members bring the energy and revisit their signature pop-punk roots.”

3.) “Elephant” – Obey Robots (from ‘One in a Thousand’ album)

Taut and propulsive, “Elephant” marries the pop noise of XTC with the stop-start dynamics of 00’s post-hardcore mainstays Hundred Reasons before opening up into the kind of shimmering chorus that would have shot Obey Robots to MTV stardom had it been the 90’s.

4.) “Share My Heat” – The Joy Formidable (a brand new song)

According to Under The Radar Magazine, “The Joy Formidable are Ritzy Bryan (vocalist/guitarist), Rhydian Dafydd (bassist/vocalist), and Matt Thomas (drummer). Vids Invader directed the animated video for “Share My Heat.” Bryan had this to say about the song in a press release: “‘Share My Heat’ is about true connection & love. Deep, selfless love between humans is a beautiful part of our existence, but I’m also singing about our inherent love for nature, the living world and our kinship to everything: plants, animals, mountains & lake. Can we repair our relationship and bring more reciprocity, compassion and companionship to a world that already gives us so much.””

5.) “Time To Run” – Tycho (a brand new song)

According to Brooklyn Vegan, “Tycho (Scott Hansen) is back with “Time to Run,” his first new music in three years (not counting his collaboration with Ben Gibbard), out now via Ninja Tune / Mom+Pop. This is a little bouncier than the music normally associated with Tycho, though his atmospheric synthwork is still present. The song features guitarist Zak Brown and drummer Kaelin Ellis, and was mixed by Grizzly Bear‘s Chris Taylor. “Music has always served as a kind of meditation for me, long before I started creating it,” says Hansen. “As a competitive runner throughout my early life, I would play back loops of songs in my head to cope with the stress of races, focusing on rhythmic elements to help pace myself and stay calm. There is a unique form of clarity that I have found through the meditative practice of running, it is a fundamentally human experience, and when I feel the deepest connection between the mind, body, and nature. ‘Time To Run’ is my attempt to translate these ideas into music. My goal was to approach the composition from a new angle and let the rhythmic elements take the lead. I cast the melodic elements that have come to define the Tycho sound in a new light by juxtaposing them against a new foundation that takes cues from funk music.” The video, directed by Patrick Elmore, also plays off the song’s running theme. “The video for ‘Time To Run’ is autobiographical based around a cross-country meet I ran in,” Hansen says. “Cross-country races can be a very solitary pursuit; spectators, coaches, and officials are all there at the starting area but once the race begins you disappear into the woods where it’s just you against the other runners, carrying all of the expectations of the outside world. The intense pressure and overwhelming physical stress of the moment can make you want to just keep running and never look back. This story is about letting go of the expectations of others and finding your own peace and fulfillment.””

6.) “Deep In The Night” – Future Islands (a brand new song)

According to Consequence, “Future Islands are back with a new song called “Deep in the Night.” The Maryland band have always had a grandiose quality to their music, but “Deep in the Night” feels especially cinematic. The track moves slow with bellowing percussion and sparkling synths as the inimitable Samuel Herring sings about missing a lover. “I’m like a prowling lion that’s seeking pride,” he croons, before admitting, “I belong to you.””

7.) “Better Odds” – Guided By Voices (from ‘Welshpool Frillies’ album)

According to Far Out Magazine, “Regarding the most complete tracks on the album, ‘Better Odds’ is a number to be celebrated. Welshpool Frillies makes another resounding case for Guided by Voices and why their music is still as refreshing as ever.”

8.) “Dancing In The Courthouse” – Dominic Fike (from ‘Sunburn’ album)

According to Ones To Watch, “a personal and euphoric ode to being human, Dominic Fike’s “Dancing in the Courthouse” is a celebration of finding the joy in the perpetual mess and the triumph in the inevitable failure. The track is joined by a Jack Begert-directed visual, which encapsulates the feeling of wishful survival gorgeously.”

9.) “Nothing Is Perfect” – Metric (from upcoming new album ‘Formentera II’)

According to Rolling Stone UK, “Metric have released a new single, ‘Nothing Is Perfect’, and an accompanying music video – you can see it below. The Canadian indie rock stalwarts announced the release of a surprise second part to their Formentera album last month, on the one-year anniversary of the original’s release. Formentera II will now follow on October 13, and in keeping with the disarming nature of its announcement, ‘Nothing Is Perfect’ plays against type, eschewing the band’s traditional electric guitars and synths for an acoustic palette that places singer Emily Haines’ vulnerable vocal front and centre. “‘Nothing Is Perfect’ stands out on Formentera II as the lone track that is carried by only acoustic guitar and vocals,” said Haines, who creatively anchors the group alongside guitarist Jimmy Shaw. “We explored many renditions of this song during the recording process, but in the end found that everything we tried adding seemed to detract from the essence of it.” The video, which was directed by Justin Broadbent, sees the band reference some of their cinematic idols, to “create an atmospheric and surreal visual accompaniment to enhance the otherworldly mood of the song, with stylistic nods to Terrence Malick and David Lynch,” according to Haines. “The song ends with a meditative and anthemic repetition of the word “nothing”, like I’m celebrating it and singing its praises,” she went on. “I love nothing!” Whilst Formentera II largely came together at the band’s own Main Street Studios, which lies in a rural location outside of their native Toronto, it was finished up earlier this year at Motorbass Studios in Paris. That location is potentially instructive as to the sound of the album, given that Metric have previously cited the likes of Air, Daft Punk and Sébastien Teller as influences on their more electronic work, especially 2012’s Synthetica; all three of those artists have storied histories at Motorbass.”

10.) “Anything But” – Hozier (from new album ‘Unreal Unearth’)

According to When The Horn Blows, “Hozier delivers-yet again- an album brimming with brilliance. ‘Unreal Unearth’ becomes the latest in his ever-growing list of seriously admirable material. There are tracks which really do rise out as head and shoulders above the rest, though. One of these is the hugely uplifting ‘Anything But’.”

Plus Blast From The Past song: “I’ve Been Delivered” by The Wallflowers (from ‘Breach’ album)

Followed by a song from Featured DJ of the Month, Mark Taylor: “Ocean of Truth” (from ‘Whale of Noise’). Stay tuned for featured content all month for this special Virtual Residency!

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