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Tune in for Rarity Rock Radio’s Top 10 Favorites of the Month for March 2024 playing daily at 9am, Noon, and 6pm MST, including the following new music gems:

“Meet Me at the End of the World (a Jesse Malin cover)” by Trapper Schoepp
“MEET ME AT THE END OF THE WORLD” A FUNDRAISER FOR: Jesse Malin Sweet Relief Musicians Fund. LINK: https://tinyurl.com/JESSEMALINFUND

Then you will hear the Top 10 Favorites of the Month including:

“Edge of the Earth” by The Beaches (from new album ‘Blame My Ex’)

According to See Rock Live Magazine, “Toronto’s indie rock powerhouse, The Beaches, is back with a bang, unleashing their latest single, “Edge of The Earth.” Clocking in with a runtime that belies its intensity, this track is a vibrant testament to the band’s unyielding musical spirit and evolution. From the get-go, “Edge of The Earth” wastes no time in immersing listeners in The Beaches’ sonic universe. With Jordan Miller’s commanding vocals leading the charge, the song is a dynamic fusion of rock, pop, and punk influences, showcasing the band’s prowess in crafting genre-defying music.”

Two songs from Sum 41’s upcoming final album ‘Heaven :x: Hell’:
“Waiting On A Twist Of Fate” (from the Heaven side)
“Rise Up” (from the Hell side)

According to The Rock Revival, “Sum 41 have revealed a new song, “Waiting On a Twist of Fate.” The track is the second sampling of Heaven, the pop-punk side of their upcoming double album, Heaven :x: Hell. Sum 41’s forthcoming final double album, Heaven :x: Hell, arrives on March 29 through Rise Records. Their most ambitious outing yet, Heaven is ten tracks of snarling, high energy pop punk, while Hell consists of ten heavy metal anthems spiked with fret-burning solos, thrashing riffs, and fist-pumping hooks. The band has been straddling the line of pop-punk and metal for their entire career, and Heaven :x: Hell is a testament to their innovative sound and unmatched skill, proving them as pioneers 27 years after the bands inception.

“Once I heard the music, I was confident enough to say, ‘This is the record I’d like to go out on,’” frontman Deryck Whibley stated. “We’ve made a double album of pop punk and metal, and it makes sense. It took a long time for us to pave this lane for ourselves, but we did, and it’s unique to us.” Previously, Sum 41 released , “Rise Up,” the first offering from the upcoming album’s metal-filled Hell side, and the lead single, “Landmines,” which was the band’s first new piece of material since 2019. “When I wrote ‘Landmines,’ I had no intention of writing an old school “pop punk” song,” frontman Deryck Whibley says. “It just came out really quickly and I knew right away that this song felt special to me.” “Writing ‘Rise Up,’ I felt the way I did when I first got signed,” Whibley elaborates. “I felt the pressure and the need to create something great, but I felt so excited at the same time.”

“Prove It To You” by Brittany Howard (from the new album ‘What Now’)

On “Prove It To You,” Howard delivers a euphoric four-on-the-floor dance track spiked with her explosive guitar work. Working alongside long-time collaborator Shawn Everett (The Killers, SZA, Miley Cyrus, Adele), Brittany originally produced the entire track in Reason Drum Sequencer, her first time using virtual drum machines, and her first time producing a dance track. Once the track took shape, she and her band recreated the song in a live setting for the final production, still capturing the essence of dance music that she originally set out to capture.

“Better Now” by Bombay Bicycle Club & Rae Morris (from the new ‘Fantasies’ EP)

The band have said the following of the new project, “We think of this as a Bombay & Friends release because each song has a good friend of the band singing on it.”

“Castañuelas” by Alejandro Escovedo (from upcoming new album ‘Echo Dancing’)

“Castañuelas,” Alejandro Escovedo’s radical reimagining of his beloved song “Castanets,” is now streaming worldwide. The track is the newest single from Alejandro’s upcoming album, Echo Dancing, releasing worldwide on March 29.
Of “Castañuelas,” Escovedo says: “In 2019 we discovered a movie called Ya No Estoy Aqui which is a film about kids enamored with cumbia. They created a way to slow down the rhythm to create new dances in the community built around this music…much in the same way dub music was created. When I chose “Castanets” as a song for the record; I showed Don Antonio and Nicola Peruch this movie and I proceeded to play a riff and a little skank and they joined in for us to create “Castañuelas.” It’s not a pure cumbia but a dub cumbia. Cheers!”

“My Peace” by Voxtrot (a brand new song)

According to Stereogum, the song “explores the struggles of finding success as a young musician.”

“Floating On A Moment” by Beth Gibbons (from upcoming new album ‘Lives Outgrown’)

According to NME, “Portishead’s Beth Gibbons has announced details of her first solo album ‘Lives Outgrown’…the new project will mark her first solo album to be shared from the iconic trip-hop frontwoman, and is set to contain 10 new tracks recorded over a period of 10 years.”

“Book Of Love” by The Calamatix (a brand new song)

Tim Armstrong had this to say about the band and the new song: “So excited to announce something I’ve been working on for a bit now. A brand new, immensely talented band, with so much more to come… THE CALAMATIX!!! Been fine tuning this with them for a while now but it’s finally time for you to hear it. Check out the first single BOOK OF LOVE!”

“Kate Blood” by Trapper Schoepp (a brand new song)

Recorded at Johnny Cash’s historic CASH CABIN, our new country love song “KATE BLOOD” is out now! Inspired by the Appleton, WI folk legend of the same name, “Kate Blood” was produced by Pat Sansone and John Jackson. The track also features vocalist Sarah Peasall McGuffey, who famously lent her voice to O’Brother Where Art Thou.

Plus Blast From The Past: “Meet Me at the End of the World” by Jesse Malin

About the special Jesse Malin campaign being promoted by Rarity Rock Radio:

“MEET ME AT THE END OF THE WORLD” A FUNDRAISER FOR: Jesse Malin Sweet Relief Musicians Fund. LINK: https://tinyurl.com/JESSEMALINFUND

According to Trapper Schoepp:

“Last year I sang this song all across Europe with my friend, Jesse Malin. It’s called ‘Meet Me at the End of the World,’ and to me, it’s about staring into the darkness of these times and still finding your little piece of community, camaraderie and joy in it all. These are the times we need the music most, after all.

Unfortunately, only a couple months after that tour ended, Jesse would be tested in one of the worst ways a human could. While out to dinner in NYC, he suffered a rare spinal stroke that left him paralyzed from the waist down. For a man who is, to me, the picture of good health, this news was very difficult to hear.

Jesse Malin is a rock n roll singer and beat poet in the vein of NYC greats like Lou Reed and Joey Ramone. He’s true cool. His style and spirit is completely unpretentious, and I truly believe he’s one of the great live acts of our time. I’ve seen him play to both fifty and a thousand people with the same level of intensity and care. He has an undeniable and authentic punk rock edge, which comes from years of playing in hardcore bands. His shows can be intense and emotional — but also very funny. There’s no musician who has made me laugh as hard as him. He has taught me to not take myself too seriously but to still always show up and give a shit.

It should also be said that Jesse is a living and breathing embodiment of New York City. His songs are steeped in the city’s history and his stories take to the very streets where he grew up. So many songs about New York get it wrong but Jesse’s don’t because he’s lived it, just listen to “Brooklyn.” While his characters are often on the fringes of society — outcasts, immigrants, artists, anarchists, criminals, addicts — there’s an acceptance and love to his approach that’s quite rare in this world. “Keep the P.M.A.” as he likes to say… Those close to Jesse also know him as a tireless nightclub owner, who has helped run some of the hippest spots in the city for years. He’s brought thousands of great bands through NYC — and probably picked up their tab! While Jesse is making strides toward recovery, he will need a high level of a care that’ll come with a high price tag. Please give back to Jesse by purchasing this song with a donation level of your choice at our Bandcamp starting at $1 — funds going DIRECTLY to his Sweet Relief Fund. Send all your P.M.A. to Jesse on his road to recovery.”

So please go to https://tinyurl.com/JESSEMALINFUND and donate today and support this cause for a great musician!

We then close with two songs from RRR DJ Mark Taylor’s new album ‘Ocean of Sound’ from his Whale of Noise project. Whale of Noise is Mark Taylor, a Tucson, Arizona-based artist. He was a songwriter and guitarist with The Stellas and continues to be a songwriter and guitarist/keyboardist with The Introverts. Whale of Noise is his first solo project and gives him the opportunity to explore the experimental, electronic side of music.

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