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Rarity Rock Radio is excited to premiere a new monthly show and it’s one that brings the more obscure and eclectic to the station.

Tune in this Wednesday, March 27th at 9:00 pm MST for new show: Play Anything at rarityrockradio.com

Here’s the background on the show from new RRR DJ Matt Singer:
“Play Anything. Or call it: A Lapsed Music Writer Tries to Prove He’s Still Got It. On Play Anything, DJ Matt Singer plays, well, anything – from post-punk to punk-funk, mutant disco to regular disco, new wave to old-time rock’n’roll, or anything that otherwise rocks, knocks, bangs, slaps or whatever other cringey (yet totally appropriate) descriptor you prefer.”

Catch encore airings this Saturday, March 30th and Sunday, March 31st at 3:00 pm MST.

Tune in at www.rarityrockradio.com

LINK TO PLAYLIST: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/54fnJ7lSlddfLtdktQ4Rao?si=70574d7a4aa44f3d


1. Ava Luna, “Clips”
2. Material (with Nona Hendryx), “Bustin’ Out”
3. Medium Medium, “Hungry, So Angry”
4. Field Music, “Disappointed”
5. Trapeze, “Coast to Coast”
6. Dios (Malos), “I Want It All”
7. Sanford Clark, “Still As The Night”
8. Ofo the Black Company, “Allah Wakbar”
9. Upper Wilds, “Love Song #1”
10. Comsat Angels, “Independence Day”
11. Explode Into Colors, “Sharpen the Knife”
12. Sweeping Promises, “Eraser”
13. Latin Playboys, “Crayon Sun”
14. Jesse Johnson, “I Want My Girl”
15. Ted Leo & the Pharmacists, “Six Months in a Leaky Boat (Split Enz cover)”

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