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RRR Favorite Songs and Albums of 2023, a two hour mix including our favorite gems played on the station this year, some favorite new hits in the mix and more. Playing daily in December at 10:00 am and 10:00 pm MST

Featured Best of 2023 Album: ‘History Books’ by THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM

Featured Songs: “Positive Charge” and “Little Fires”

According to Clash Music, “‘History Books’ picks up exactly where the band left off, but with a renewed wind in their sails. Big guitars, anthemic singalongs and bruised and bloodied ballads are in no short supply, while Fallon’s existential lyricism reveals a renewed nuance to his songwriting.

Time may be indiscriminate, and its passing throws up questions few of us want to face, but Fallon seems determined to remind us that this can’t consume us. There is joy in the here and now, and as he sings on ‘Positive Charge’ “it’s good to be alive.””

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Cheers and happy holidays from RRR!

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