What makes Rarity Rock Radio distinct?

Our Mission

Rarity Rock Radio's mission is showcasing under-the-radar rock gems from known artists and from artists that should be known from the past to the present.

Rarity Rock Radio (RRR) is about the magic of the discovery process - about music that takes you on a journey with both mainstay artists as a foundation along with new sonic landscapes in the mix for many surprises along the way. RRR is about the songs and artists that conventional radio missed and could connect with a wider audience along with the songs and artists that forge bold new paths for rock music on a broad spectrum. It is about music that can bring us together through both positive, uplifting anthems and introspective, thoughtful lyrics; music with a message that can challenge the audience and question our values as a society with ideas for a better way forward; and music that carries the traditions of rock forward while experimenting with new ways to connect with audiences of all ages. Tune in to it all on RRR!



Rarity Rock Radio is committed to curating a rock show that highlights under-the-radar music from the past to the present!