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All Sound is Music Ep. 39

This month’s show focuses on recent electronic and experimental music. There’s music from the UK, the US, Argentina and India.

Notes on the music:
Pabellon Sintetico – Barcelona Pavilion. Pablo Bilbao is a Argentinian electronic music composer releasing music under the name Pabellon Sintetico, which references both the Barcelona Pavilion and synthesis. Bilbao’s latest release is inspired by architecture. Called Mies van der Rohe’s Dreams, Bilbao says van der Rohe’s concepts, simplicity, clarity and dreams of modernity were the core concepts for the tracks. The recording also refers back to the sounds of 70s German synthesizer groups, particularly Tangerine Dream.

philterSoup – Fracture. Recording as philterSoup, Sanjay Das started his music career as a recording engineer and producer in Calcutta. He moved to London in 2015 to complete a specialist degree in Music Technology at the London College of Music. Later Sanjay returned to Mumbai and now works as a music producer and media composer for Film & TV, with credits spanning across Netflix, Amazon and other OTT platforms.

Outside of music creation, Sanjay is heavily involved in developing new technologies in the music industry. He executes this as partner at Really Nice Audio, UK, a company that focuses on evolving visceral interfaces for electronic music creation and performance. He also consults bespoke solutions for multimedia installations, data-driven sound art projects, and interactive audio-visual art. 

Dole Fam – Cut Up for Cage. The compositional concept of the piece is to take a large number of samples from various pieces by John Cage and subject them to William Burroughs ‘cut up’ procedure. The samples are recombined through a randomized, chance procedure, so we get a combination of both Burroughs’ and Cage’s processes. The result is intriguing and beautiful.

Dole Fam is an experimental art project, whose members also present performance art, spoken word and abstract theater events.

Mutant Beatniks – Moglich rafler. One of the many alter egos of prolific UK musician Shaun Roberts, Mutant Beatniks is an outlet for his experiments in music concrete and noise. Of Mutant Beatniks, Shaun says it “started with the idea to produce short Music Concrète pieces , noisemusic with an edge
towards outsider song form & breaks….”

Eashwar Subramanian – Pewter Skies. Subramanian is a well-known Indian producer who describes his latest work as “ambient new age music.” In an interview with Rolling Stone, he says that contemporary ambient music is more subtle and minimal than the grandiose new age music of the 90s. He strives to mix Western and classical Indian music influences to create music that’s soothing, sometimes cinematic and sometimes somber.

Dylan Henner – Exton. The recording Amtracks is based on Henner’s memories of train journeys he took as a young man across Pennsylvania. The beauty of the landscape as he crossed the Allegheny Mountains never left him and revisiting that trip in his memory gave him solace and inspiration during the lockdowns of covid.

Stu Jenks – The Three Surrender Trees. This piece is taken from his 2016 release Angel Ghosts. Stu Jenks passed away in 2023, leaving behind an extensive body of work in music, photography and writing. The Tucson, AZ based artist will be missed by the creative community there.

It wasn’t meant to be a theme, but there three explicity covid-related pieces in this show. Looking back I see a number of tracks in shows from the past year that reference the covid lockdown and the feelings and fears raised by the pandemic. The world is still making its way back to a new normal and I suspect we’ll continue to see the influence of the pandemic in all the arts for some time to come.

You can listen to archived copies of this and past shows on YouTube. Go to bit.ly/allsoundismusic

Please join me again next month for another dive into vintage and contemporary experimental, ambient and electronic music.

Thanks for listening. I’m Mark Taylor. That was All Sound is Music and This is Rarity Rock Radio.

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