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All Sound is Music Episode 29

This month’s show featured drones, modular synths, guitars and vocals from China, South America, Europe and the U.S.

Notes on the music:

The Delta Waves, Andromeda Drone from Southeast of Saturn. The Delta Waves were a part of the 1990s Detroit space rock scene, a scene documented on the Third Man Records compilation Southeast of Saturn. Their music sits comfortably at the intersection of drone, ambient and shoegaze.

QMDX, I Dreamed of You Last Night from Tears in the Rain. Chinese artist QMDX uses synthesizers and nocturnal field recordings to craft moody, ambient soundscapes.

Wu Zhuoling, Flower Window from Flower Window. Based in Chengdu, China, Zhuoling is prolific artist, producer and DJ. Her piece, Flower Window, is included on the compilation A Random Walk in the Park, a concept collection meant to evoke various aspects of a city park experience.

Indiana Drones, Part II from Indiana Drones. Indiana Drones is the first collaboration between Material Object and Phonaut, two accomplished electronic musicians indebted to the tradition of German electronic music.

Garth Paine, Forest from Listening Lands. Paine is a Professor of Digital Sound and Interactive Media and of Music Composition at Arizona State University whose compositions incorporate acoustic instruments and live electronics. Forest creates its expansive ambience through bird song, lush reverb and a contemplative flute melody.

MimiCof, Journey II from Modulisme Session 72. MimiCof is a solo project from Berlin-based composer, musician and producer Midori Hirano. Her music as MimiCof “explores the realm of more experimental music and detailed rhythmic patterns, combined with an idea of drawing melodic shapes and harmonies.”

Hollie Kenniff, Flourish from The Quiet Drift. Kenniff adds wordless vocals, bass and guitar to her synthesizer beds to create a blend of ambient and shoegaze that is meant to evoke various places and spaces from her life.

Angelo Harmsworth, Igniting the Periphery from Singe. “Singe” is the new record by Angelo Harmsworth, a musician who hails from the American Southwest and is operating now out of Berlin. According to his Bandcamp page, Harmsworth’s work is concerned with “reconciling disparate sensibilites and sounds.”

bahia mansa, ascension de una burbuja from boyas + monolitos. Bahía Mansa is Iván Aguayo, a South American ambient musician and sound collagist, who draws inspiration from photography and field recordings.

Rainsoft, Gazebo from the compilation A Random Walk in the Park. Shanghai artist Rainsoft draws her inspiration equally from techno and ambient music. She combines texture, melody and ostinato in a hypnotic mix of calm, but dynamic movement.

All Sound is Music streams on the third Wednesday of each month at 8 pm MST on Rarity Rock Radio http://rarityrockradio.fm

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