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Tune in for Rarity Rock Radio’s Top 10 Favorites of the Month for November 2023 playing daily at 9am, Noon, and 6pm PT, including the following new music gems:

1.) “Mother Nature” – MGMT (from upcoming new album)

According to Stereogum, ““Mother Nature” is the sonic equivalent of sunshine, which is common in their music, though this time it’s from warm guitar rather than buzzing synthesizers. It comes with an animated video made by Jordan Fish, who said in a statement, “I hope the story makes people happy and feel connected to family, friends and the animal kingdom as well.””

2.) “It Goes Sometimes” – Proverbial Cool Aid (from new album ‘2023’)

Review of the album:
Proverbial Cool Aid’s new album ‘2023’ is a compelling and energizing experience that brings the listener on a journey full of surprises with its eclectic mix of sounds and themes to reflect the many unknowns and possibilities of the year we are living in now. One of the album’s standout songs is “It Goes Sometimes” and will leave you wanting to press play again and venture into this album that leaves a lasting positive impression. Rarity Rock Radio highly recommends Proverbial Cool Aid and the new album that is on rotation and is one to play loud now and in the future.

According to Buzz LA, “The Houston-based outfit manages to walk the fine balancing line between the old and the new. Proverbial Cool Aid is what you get when you have a lifetime love affair with music. Bringing a sound that seamlessly blends the influences of The Breeders, Smashing Pumpkins, and Pearl Jam, his unique sound results from his embracing the motto of “Be yourself; everything is taken.” With the burning desire to, above all else, be true to himself, he’s quickly amassed a buzz, putting the industry on notice with a rich and expansive sound.”

3.) “She Sheila” – The Marvelous 3 (from new album ‘IV’)

According to the band, “This is a record that’s a love letter to aging, yet never growing “old’. It’s a nostalgic ride down new roads. It’s a shout out to growth but remembering roots and celebrating them. It’s also mostly made for the 3 of us, who have remained the best of friends when the industry tried to tear us down and break us. We have played together since we were kids, so the fact that we still have that bond is really incredible.”

4.) “Collide” – Lilla Shy (a brand new song)

According to the artist, “💘 It’s a song that celebrates the power of true love. That one that completes you, that fills your heart in a way you never thought it could be filled. Where it all just gels and you make each other complete.I co-wrote it with my love Tom Bright (I make you whole, you make me new).”

5.) “Remarkable Things” – Tom Bright (from new album ‘Somewhere Anywhere’)

Tom Bright’s 2023 has seen him appear on BBC’s The One Show, BBC Radio 2, live in session on Radio X, perform at The London Palladium, Shepherd’s Bush Empire, Glastonbury, Celtic Connections and tour the UK a couple of times over. His third album Somewhere Anywhere (produced by Ed Harcourt and mastered by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios) is the troubadour’s most-accomplished work to date.

6.) “Born To Love You” – DD Allen (a brand new song)

Written during lockdown, ‘Born To Love You’ rings true to the longing felt by soulmates parted by time and events. It’s a chilled, acoustic ode to the heartbreak felt by separated lovers—a tale of whiskey, rye, and romance.

7.) “Tekken 2” – Bombay Bicycle club featuring Chaka Khan (from new album ‘My Big Day’)

According to Far Out Magazine, “‘Tekken 2’ was written by the band’s frontman Jack Steadman at their own London studio, and Khan as a collaborator was envisioned by Steadman from the beginning of the process. Khan recalled: “After Jack invited me and then sent the song, I loved it, the ethereal part drew me in. The band has such innovative and passionate energy, truly great musicians. Absolute vibes.” Steadman added: “It has been a pretty crazy journey, from sitting on my sofa messing around with a keyboard and drum machine to sitting across from Chaka Khan in a fancy L.A. studio giving her singing directions.” He continued: “Chaka was an absolute superstar and the whole experience was so positive. I think the song reflects that – it’s about coming together, putting any bad thoughts aside and just enjoying the moment.””

8.) “The Tree” – Maren Morris (from the new EP ‘The Bridge’)

According to the artist, “These two songs are incredibly key to my next step because they express a very righteously angry and liberating phase of my life these last couple of years but also how my navigation is finally pointing towards the future, whatever that may be or sound like.”

9.) “Solid Ground” – Gaby Moreno (a brand new song)

According to GRUNGECAKE, “Over the rock instrumental, the Latin GRAMMY winning singer-songwriter sings about looking for solid ground. After all she’s experienced, she still believes in good intentions, although someone has taken heart and turned it upside down. She’s optimistic through her pain, and we love to see it.”

10.) “For The Home” – Guided By Voices (from upcoming new album ‘Nowhere To Go But Up’)

According to Brooklyn Vegan, “They’ve just announced Nowhere to Go But Up, their third album of the year (and 39th overall), which will be out November 24 via GBV Inc. We’ve got the premiere of the album’s first single, “For the Home,” which is another massive Robert Pollard riff-fueled earworm. How does he do it?”

Plus Blast From The Past song: “Redemption Song” by Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros (from ‘Streetcore’ album)

Followed by a new special feature for November, Featured DJ of the Month: John Jackson. Stay tuned for featured content all month for this special Virtual Residency!

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