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Tune in for Rarity Rock Radio’s Top 10 Favorites of the Month for June 2024 playing daily at 9am, Noon, and 6pm MST, including the following new music gems:

“Serene King” by Guided By Voices (from upcoming new album ‘Strut Of Kings”)

According to BrooklynVegan, “Guided by Voices have announced their 40th album, which is fittingly titled Strut of Kings and will be out June 28th via Rockathon / GBV Inc. After a few very prolific release years, the band say this will be their only album of 2024.”

“Cognitive Dissident” by The The (a brand new song)

Matt Johnson says about the subject matter of the new single, “We certainly live in interesting times. The world is becoming more inverted, weird and hallucinogenic by the day.””

“Docket” by Blondshell featuring Bully (a brand new song)

According to Rolling Stone, “In what could very well be the indie-rock collab of the year, Blondshell has enlisted Bully for the new rager “Docket.” “Docket” is classic Blondshell, as Sabrina Teitelbaum pairs a sugary, melodic riff with brazen lyrics about love on the road — and a chorus that will stay in your head for days. She trades verses with Bully (Alicia Bognanno), her feathery yet mighty vocals rounding out the track.”

“Don’t Go Making Plans” by Hard-Fi (a brand new song)

According to NME, “Hard-Fi have returned with ‘Don’t Go Making Plans’ – their first new single in a decade. Announced today (May 20), the new track marks the first from the band in 10 years and comes as the taster of their forthcoming EP of the same name. With the track, Richard Archer and co. bring the summer feeling, delivering a fast-paced, groovy and soul-infused anthem. “All my money keeps walking out the door/ No, I don’t know, what do they want it all for?” the frontman questions in the opening lyrics, keeping a politically motivated theme at the core. “There’s a heavy feeling hanging about the place/ feels like I’m down down down, on my face, and a boot in my back,” he continues, before launching into the pop-infused chorus. According to the band, the song’s themes were initially inspired by the UK Government’s attempts to criminalise many aspects of popular protest through the 2022 Public Order Act, and is meant to provoke thought in the listeners.”

“Backslider” by Pigeon (from ‘Backslider’ EP)

Following up on their acclaimed debut EP Yagana in 2022, the 5-piece band returns with a brand new offering: Backslider. Dressed as if they would be equally comfortable starring in a modern spaghetti western as they are cutting slick silhouettes on a festival stage – are Guinean singer Falle Nioke, Graham Godfrey on drums, Steve Pringle on keys, Tom Dream on guitar and Josh Ludlow on bass. As Pigeon develop and hone their sound further, Afro-disco remains at the core while jazz and no-wave make way for new elements of electro, rock and synth pop. The introduction of sequencers and drum machines sprinkles a little more structure into the mix, however the recording process still very much embodies the DIY spirit of band members that enjoy jamming together. On the single ‘Backslider’, a laid-back, 80s funk-rock bassline is backed by a deliberate, plodding drum kit. Kicking off with congas and synth stabs which appear optimistic at first, frontman Falle Nioke proceeds to sing in English and French – calling someone a ‘backslider’, for their dishonesty and bad behaviour. His cool air of contempt is mirrored by an epic guitar solo drenched in distortion pedal.

“Talk Is Cheap” by Dr. Dog (from upcoming new album)

According to Beyond The Watch, “Dr. Dog is back with exciting news for fans, announcing their upcoming self-titled album, the band’s first LP in six years, set for release on July 19th, 2024. To kick things off, they’ve shared the infectious lead single “Talk Is Cheap” along with a Wyndham Garnett-directed video, offering behind-the-scenes glimpses of the band during the album’s recording sessions. Bassist Toby Leaman describes the single as a love song dedicated to his wife, reflecting his reliance on her. With jangling grooves and heartfelt lyrics, “Talk Is Cheap” sets the tone for the album, showcasing Dr. Dog’s signature eclectic spirit, shifting effortlessly from soul to surf-rock to symphonic pop. The album, produced by Scott McMicken and mixed by multi-Grammy-winner Matt Ross-Spang, reveals the band’s evolution over their two-decade-long career, demonstrating a deep synergy and commitment to creating music that brightens the mind and expands the soul.”

“In Front Of Me Now” by Nada Surf (from upcoming new album)

According to Stereogum, ““In Front Of Me Now” comes with a music video directed by Neilson Hubbard and Joshua Britt. Moon Mirror is their debut for their new label New West. It was produced by the band with Ian Laughton and recorded at the renowned Rockfield Studios in Monmouthshire, Wales. About the process, Matthew Caws explained: Every time we make an album, I’m asked (and ask myself) what it’s about. I never know how to answer that question. I’m still trying to figure everything out, and that’s probably as close to a theme as there is. Looking back over the years, I know what our songs are about in theory: trying to reach acceptance (of circumstances, of oneself, of others), connection, a constant search for possibility and the bright side, a willingness to change, forgiveness, curiosity, checking in with one’s mortality, motivations and judgements, etc. But in the moment when making one up, I have no idea what I’m doing and maybe that’s ok. I’m just trying to stay honest with myself and take my best guess at making sense of the world.””

“Keep Going” by Guster (from new album ‘Ooh La La’)

According to Relix, “Ooh La La’s title comes from their song “Keep Going.” (The line goes, “I bought a ticket but the train didn’t stop/ Ended up walking all the way, singing ooh la la.”) And that sentiment represents the whole album well: The 10 songs capture the wonder one feels when the magic of youth shows up in adulthood. Guster created Ooh La La with just one bottom line: Do these songs make us feel something and bring some pure emotion to the surface?”

“Flesh Wound” by The Black Crowes (from new album ‘Happiness Bastards’)

According to Rolling Stone, ““Flesh Wound” sounds like mid-Seventies Rod Stewart if he’d made a secret record backed by Cheap Trick.”

“Later On” by Fantastic Cat Band (from upcoming new album ‘Now That’s What I Call Fantastic Cat’)

According to Magnet Magazine, “ The group’s second album, Now That’s What I Call Fantastic Cat, is out June 7 via Missing Piece Records. It also has a surplus of fantastic moments, including “Later On,” which began life in Dunne’s rehearsal space. “The verses are grounded in existential worries and musings, the choruses a declaration of faith in human connection,” says Dunne. “It was a tender ballad, but I didn’t bring it to the band until I heard a song Don and Anthony were working on with similar chords. That inspired me to reconsider it as a slightly heavier, up-tempo song.” Dunne also acknowledges Fantastic Cat’s obvious debt to the Band. “When (Rick) Danko and (Richard) Manuel are both singing lead, you can’t tell which one is doing what,” says Dunne. “Mike and I decided to sing ‘Later On’ together, and Anthony and Don filled out the coda with their call-and-response vocals. Don set up the mics at his studio, we hit record, and we got this one down in a few takes.” Much like everything else with Fantastic Cat, the video for “Later On” is a homespun affair. “We shot it ourselves on our tour of the U.S. and Canada,” says Dunne. “It plays out as a travelogue of sorts, and it’s probably the sincerest thing we’ve done to date. Don’t get used to it.”

Plus Blast From The Past featured song: “Street Survivor” by FREE ENERGY

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