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Tune in for Rarity Rock Radio’s Top 10 Favorites of the Month for July 2023 playing daily at 9am, Noon and 6pm PT, including the following new music gems:

1.) Jamie T – “Hippodrome” (a brand new song)

According to When The Horn Blows, “Jamie T has been a staple name on the indie-rock music scene since the release of his seminal debut record ‘Panic Prevention’ in 2007. Over a decade and a half later and with five albums under his belt, countless tours and festival appearances (including Glastonbury), his musical prowess shows no signs of faltering. Jamie T has dropped a surprise new track ‘Hippodrome’. Coming just one year after his fifth studio album ‘The Theory Of Whatever’, ‘Hippodrome’ is an anthemic feat teeming with energy-infused instrumentals and his distinctive gritty, South-London vocals.”

2.) DD Allen – “Rebel Hero” (a brand new song)

According to Earmilk, “Bournemouth emerging talent DD Allen delivers a glimpse of his high-octane debut EP Rebel Hero with the nostalgia laden title track. Led by a sweeping indie rock ’n’ roll musicality, the anthemic track with its expansive guitars, bold vocals and singalong choruses makes for a euphoric listen. With a 70s-tinged backdropped perfect for all romantics and rebels alike, the production manages to be energetic and emotionally-charged all at once. Emerging stronger from ill health and a stalled career, Allen weaves a soulful sonic tale of escapism and hope that leaves us feeling determined to push ahead in our lives.”

3.) The Lottery Winners – “Sertraline” (from “Anxiety Replacement Therapy” album)

According to NME, “The Lottery Winners have announced details of their third album ‘Anxiety Replacement Therapy’ – featuring Shaun Ryder, Boy George and the Manchester four-piece’s current touring partner, Frank Turner. The follow-up to 2021’s ‘Something To Leave The House For,’ which reached Number 11 in the charts, the new LP chronicles a year in the life of Rylance, including struggles with his mental health.”

4.) Low Cut Connie – “ARE YOU GONNA RUN?” (new song from upcoming new album)

According to WXPN, “Brace yourself, tough cookies: Philly rockers Low Cut Connie are returning to activity this year. Not only are they on the bill at the 2023 XPoNential Music Festival, the band’s lead showman and singer-songwriter Adam Weiner popped by the WXPN midday show this week to give host Mike Vasilikos the rundown on their new album. It’s going to be called Art Dealers, it’s out September 8th on Contender Records, and Weiner gave midday listeners a first crack at hearing the lead single, “Are You Gonna Run?,” which — as he told us — draws inspiration from Ronettes late lead singer Ronnie Spector, who passed away last January.”

5.) Eyelids – “Runaway, Yeah” (from new album ‘A Colossal Waste Of Light’)

According to PopMatters, “There are a few things to admire about that particular song. One is that Eyelids are canny enough to call it “Runaway, Yeah” instead of plain “Runaway”, because the almost impossibly addictive refrain absolutely depends on the “yeah, yeah” that follows “I wanna run away.”

6.) Graham Parker – “We Did Nothing” (a brand new song from upcoming new album)

We are so excited to play his new song on his new label. Big Stir Records is proud to present the new single from British rock legend GRAHAM PARKER. A stark gut-punch of song as only Parker could deliver, it’s a devastatingly honest look at the cost of inaction on both a personal and global level that stands with the singer-songwriter’s best work and may just be what rock and roll needs today. “’We Did Nothing’ begins with the personal, then flows into the global on the first and second bridge sections, with the personal returning from then on,” Parker explains. “It should be called ‘I Did Nothing’ because that’s what I sing throughout. Unconsciously, though, I was defecting from the personal, enlarging the song into a wider view, and I managed to throw in the line ‘A pandemic of stupidity,’ which made the global aspect deeply satisfying!””

7.) A Giant Dog – “Different Than” (new song from upcoming new album)

According to Stereogum, “Austin glam-punks A Giant Dog have announced their sixth album. Out August 25, it’s a concept album titled Bite; according to a release, it tells “a dense tale about its protagonist’s ultimately tragic days in a ‘virtual utopia’ called Avalonia.” Along with the news is a lead single, “Different Than.” “Within our previous albums, the subject matter, the lyrics are all very personal, based on our experiences—self-centered, even,” vocalist Sabrina Ellis explains. “In making this conceptual album, we had to find ourselves within, or project ourselves into, the principal characters. We developed them, got to know their minds, emotions, and motivations, and then expressed those in nine songs. The songs aren’t demonstrative as in musical theater. Instead, the songs are heated moments, internal expressions that stand on their own.”

8.) SNEAKPEEK – “Serendipity” (from ‘Scene Within A Dream’ album)

According to Under the Radar Magazine, “LA-based psych pop outfit Sneakpeek debuted in 2013 with their self-titled LP. The pair of Dora Hiller and Aric Bohn has spent the decade since largely quiet before returning last year with their latest single, “Dreams That You Discarded.” That track is the first taste of the band’s forthcoming sophomore effort, Scene Within a Dream, which sees the band evolving in a glittering new direction, blending avant-garde art pop with touches of new wave, synth pop, and disco. “Serendipity” finds the band once again leaning into their dance influences, cultivating an intoxicating haze of pulsing rhythms and iridescent synth textures. Hiller’s vocals are dreamy and ethereal, offering an evocative counterpoint to the track’s propulsive dance edge. Coupled with some catchy synth interludes and hints of guitar, the track marks a seamless marriage of dance music and floating art pop melodies.”

9.) Guided By Voices – “Seedling” (new song from upcoming new album)

According to Brooklyn Vegan, “Guided by Voices have detailed their 38th album, Welshpool Frillies, that will be out July 21 via GBV Inc. (We knew it was coming.) This is their first album in a while — six whole months! — and the band cut it live to tape in Brooklyn with producer Travis Harrison. The first single is “Seedling,” which is the kind of jangly, anthemic earworm that Robert Pollard seems to have stacks of around his house, and they are still toying with bigger, more magisterial arrangements, which sound great.”

10.) Olivia Dean – “Dive” (from brand new album ‘Messy’)

According to EUPHORIA. Magazine, “London-based Olivia Dean is fastly becoming the star she deserves as she announces her debut album, Messy, alongside the release of “Dive”; a track that takes us back to her rooted, divine sounds. Following the successes of her most recent singles, “UFO” and “Danger,” Dean continues to tease an album that is becoming clear to be her latest honest work to date. And “Dive” is no exception, as Dean is determined to defy her own identity within the up-and-down world of music. Embracing the freedom and acceptance of life, love, and the messy reality of growth, “Dive” tells the story of finally taking that step into the deep end.”

Plus Blast From The Past song: “Heaven’s Falling” by Cheap Trick

Followed by Featured Artist of the Month: Proverbial Cool Aid and the song “30 Years Gone”

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