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Tune in for Rarity Rock Radio’s Top 10 Favorites of the Month for April 2024 playing daily at 9am, Noon, and 6pm MST, including the following new music gems:

“Wanting and Waiting” by The Black Crowes (from new album ‘Happiness Bastards’)

According to Rolling Stone, “THE BLACK CROWES have dropped a new music video for, “Wanting and Waiting,” the first single from the rock outfit’s first album in 15 years, Happiness Bastards, out March 15. Directed by Christopher Acosta, the visual matches the punchy rock and roll energy of “Wanting and Waiting.” It pairs a spirited performance with an overlay of animation — illustrated lyrics, skulls, and of course a murder of crows in full flight as the Black Crowes rip through “Wanting and Waiting.”
The “Wanting and Waiting” clip is also the first music video the Black Crowes have released since 2008’s “Goodbye Daughters of the Revolution.” “We’re thrilled to drop our first music video in 16 years!” the band tells Rolling Stone. “Here’s a visual slice of the Black Crowes rock n roll pie.” Happiness Bastards marks the Black Crowes’ first album of all-new material since 2009’s Before the Frost… Until the Freeze.”

“Running” by Pearl Jam (from the upcoming new album ‘Dark Matter’)

Kerrang! writes in their review of the new album: “Dark Matter is many things. It’s thrilling. It’s moving. It’s surprising. It’s a band still operating at the peaks of their powers.”

“Ocean Eyes” by THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM and Karina Rykman (Billie Eilish cover) (from the new ‘History Books – Short Stories’ EP)

According to Stereogum, “Last year, the Gaslight Anthem released History Books, their first album since 2014’s Get Hurt. Earlier this week, the New Jersey band announced an EP entitled History Books – Short Stories, as well as tour dates with Joyce Manor, Pinkshift, and the Dirty Nil. The EP is out today, and it features a cover of Billie Eilish’s 2016 track “Ocean Eyes.” “I was driving my daughter to school and she played it for me on the way and I really took to the song,” Brian Fallon explained in a statement. “Then one day we were talking ideas for a cover with our friends and I said, wouldn’t it be cool to do a heavier version of ‘Ocean Eyes’? I tried it out and everybody loved the idea.””

“Precious” by Ian Hunter (from upcoming new album ‘Defiance Part 2: Fiction’)

According to Ultimate Classic Rock, “Ian Hunter will release the sequel to last year’s Defiance Part 1 album on April 19. Like the first part, Defiance Part 2: Fiction will feature a star-packed lineup of artists assisting the 84-year-old Hunter. In addition to appearances by the late Jeff Beck and Taylor Hawkins, the album includes guest spots by members of the Black Crowes, Cheap Trick, Def Leppard and Pearl Jam.”

“I Gotta Go” by SHEER MAG (from new album ‘Playing Favorites’)

According to KAXE, “If you are a fan of rock music from the 70s and 80s, the band’s high energy guitar driven rock ‘n’ roll might remind you of your favorites from that era. The Philadelphia band have never set out to re-invent the wheel, but with a combination of smart songwriting and the force of nature that is Tina Halladay’s voice, the group have created a sound that is contemporary and uniquely theirs. On Playing Favorites, their third album and first on Third Man Records, the band expand their sound with influences from disco, country, and even Japanese city pop.”

“The Distance” by Augustana (from new album ‘Something Beautiful’)

According to Dan Layus, “This day arrived a lot later than I thought it would, but I’m so grateful that it did. Once I knew what I wanted to say and how the music needed to support that, it was the most natural and inspiring creative process of my life. Produced and recorded over the course of 10 months in 2023, this album is sequenced in the order in which it was written. Wherever you are in your life right now, I hope there’s something in this album for you. I hope it can lift your spirits and energize you when you need it most…on the days where it feels like maybe the life you thought you’d be living isn’t shaping up the way you’d always imagined it would. That’s most days, yeah? We all get up, work hard, and try to be good people. Try to leave something good behind. This album is about embracing hard truths. It’s about holding onto the people you love with all you’ve got. It’s about individuality and self-reliance. And most of all, it’s a story about gratitude. A lot of gratitude.”

“Life Lite” by REV WYN feat. Hannah Yeun (from upcoming new album ‘Mystery Trip’)

“Life Lite” is one of the lead singles of Tucson synthpop weirdo Rev Wyn’s “Mystery Trip” LP, out May 18th all over the internet – a 5 song EP version of the record will be available on white square vinyl with special album art, both at revwyn.bandcamp.com and in person at live shows. “Life Lite” is extra special because Rev was lucky enough to work with Tucson singer/songwriter Hannah Yeun who contributed guest vocals and songwriting input, as well performing with Rev in the music video, shot by Tucson filmmaker Chris Carlone on a vintage 80s movie camera on a stage with a full fairy-tale set. As usual, Rev did all the writing, recording, and performances in the song, as well as editing the music video.
The song is about the tendency for modern life to become a hollow simulation of itself, a shallow internet bubble of a dream that obscures the full-flavor reality beyond our self-referential echo chambers – despite this rather bleak concept, the tune is a groovy, synth-driven yacht rock bop that has been universally well received by live audiences in anticipation of the full album release – i.e. it’s a hit. Follow Rev Wyn on Instagram (www.instagram.com/rev_wyn) to stay tuned to the ongoing audiovisual creative output of this Tucson treasure, and follow on Spotify (https://open.spotify.com/artist/3Y0Khus00cighmeWVkKJUF…) to be notified of new releases.

“Too Much” by Chavar Dontae (a brand new song)

According to Chavar, “I wrote this song about a time I was feeling isolated even being around a plethora of people. The feeling of someone knowing of me but not knowing my essence as a human being.”

“Why This World” by The Troumatics (a brand new song)

According to the band, “The song, “Why This World”, is about the difficulty in changing the world for the better since too many people (like billions) just don’t care, and they vastly outnumber those that do.”

“Triumph” by Gary Clark Jr (from new album ‘JPEG RAW’)

According to Classic Rock Magazine, “This album is the high point of his career, and it could be one of the finest albums you’ll hear this year too.”

Plus Blast From The Past featured song: “The Shade” by Metric

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