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RRR Featured Artist/Band of the Month for January 2023: Asphalt Astronaut

Rarity Rock Radio Featured Artist of the Month for January 2023: Asphalt Astronaut. Returning to RRR for the release of the new album, ‘aurora’!

About the artist:
Since 2020, Asphalt Astronaut has been a fixture of the Tucson music scene. She has written, recorded, and produced three albums which have been featured in Tucson Lifestyle, Phoenix New Times, Arizona Daily Star, KXCI, and more. Her creative use of layered, ethereal vocals is reminiscent of artists like Lord Huron and Imogen Heap, and the soulful lyrics are set against a background of guitar, piano, and ambient sounds which all work to create her rich musical signature.

Asphalt Astronaut blends talented lyricism with layered vocals and instrumentation to create her unique sense of atmosphere. Her debut album, antares (2020), was a shy venture into sharing her voice for the first time with a stripped-down collection of folk-style songs. Asphalt Astronaut’s second album, andromeda (2021), was a departure from the indie-folk style of her first album– haunting and immersive, it explored the sacrifice of self and others through the lens of folklore and fantasy. Her third project, aurora, exhibits the development of her artistic style. aurora is a bittersweet compilation of stories that will resonate with anyone that knows what it feels like when things don’t turn out the way you thought they would.

Social Links
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/asphaltastronautmusic
Twitter: @asphaltastro
Instagram: @asphaltastronautmusic
Website: https://www.asphaltastronaut.com

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