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The ‘Virtual Residency’ rolls on at Rarity Rock Radio, as DeeperCuts brings music from ages 19-38. This period in my life is somewhat directionless, and it seems the playlist reflects this. I guess music is all that remains in memories, sometimes. Oh well, this is my musical autobiography, after all…
-John Jackson

*show #29


1- Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You
Bob Dylan
Nashville Skyline

2- Bad Card
Bob Marley & The Wailers

3- Spider Web
Joan Osborne

4- Six Days On The Road
Taj Mahal
Giant Step/De Ole Folks At Home

5- Arroyo
The Ozark Mountain Daredevils
Men From Earth

6- Bad Feeling
Laura Love

7- Back To The Wall
Steve Earle
Copperhead Road

8- Rattled
Traveling Wilburys
Traveling Wilburys Vol. 1

9- Aint That As Good
Patty Larkin
Angels Running

10- Texas Flyer
Freddie King

11- Big Time
Peter Gabriel

12- I Wanna Hold you
Joan Armatrading
Walk Under Ladders

13- Jenny’s Got A Pony
Los Lobos
The Neighborhood

14- Medicine Man
Robert Mirabal

=thank you for listening=

About John:

About John:
I grew up in Tempe, Arizona, the youngest of seven kids in a racially blended Family. As far back as I can remember, there was a Beatles album spinning on the turntable, and Top 40 on the radio. Music has always calmed, and energized me at the same time. My music tastes can definitely be classified as phases as I’ve moved through life. Now in my mid ’60s, it has all added up into a profound appreciation of all musical forms, whether or not I regularly listen to any particular genre. After living in Anchorage, Alaska for a few years, a fresh new radio station happened on the Alaska Public Radio Network in the fall of 1997. By the following spring I was volunteering at 90.3 fm KNBA, answering phones, and whatever else I could do to help out. In January 2017, I was offered an Internship as a live DJ on the mid-day shift. From there, my idea of a one hour show called DeeperCuts was approved, debuting 6-9-2018 on KNBA. The show is multi-genre, featuring a band, artist, or topic, and you’ll hear a bunch of songs from different eras as well, all songs that never got much, if any airplay. DeeperCuts has grown since then, now being produced and recorded from my modest, often disheveled home studio. I currently provide DeeperCuts to five Alaska Public Radio Stations. Additionally, DeeperCuts has proudly been a part of the Rarity Rock Radio Family as of March 2021. Thank you all for being part of my Radio journey…Rock On!

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