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Celebrating 5 Years of Rarity Rock Radio and Recap of Our Story

We are thrilled to be celebrating five years of Rarity Rock Radio this year, complete with a new website, new logo, new merch, and much more new programming of under-the-radar rock!

So, here’s a recap of Rarity Rock Radio’s history:

Rarity Rock Radio’s mission is showcasing under-the-radar rock gems from known artists and from artists that should be known from the past to the present. Rarity Rock Radio is about the magic of the discovery process – about music that takes you on a journey with both mainstay artists as a foundation along with new sonic landscapes in the mix for many surprises along the way. We focus on songs and artists that conventional radio missed and could connect with a wider audience along with the songs and artists that forge bold new paths for rock music on a broad spectrum and messages of change and hope.

Rarity Rock Radio, created by Michael and Cassandra Peel, evolved from a local radio show to an online station playing 24/7 on Live365. The station features favorite under-the-radar songs and albums of the month, artist spotlights, and themed shows. Tune in online at www.rarityrockradio.fm or download the Live365 app and search for Rarity Rock Radio.

Rarity Rock Radio is our passion project with our love of music and DJ history. Michael is a full-time doctoral student at Arizona State University. His research is focused on increasing equity and engagement as it relates to climate action and climate justice. Cassandra received her Ph.D. in 2019 from the University of Arizona and is a Professor of Social Work at Pacific Oaks College. Her research is focused on the intersections of disability, chronic illness, grief, aging, and end-of-life issues. Both Michael and Cassandra are most proud of their daughter Emma, family and friends, their dogs Jesse and Rudie, and their progressive community work over the years.

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