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All Sound is Music 34, June 2023

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Notes on the music:
Per Barfot – Livstycken. Per Barfot gives us a concept album based on a 16th century peasant revolt. Entitled The Dacke Feud, it aims to chronicle, through sound, the failed revolution against Swedish King Gustav Vasa. Using a modular synthesizer and tape processing Barfot creates beautiful soundscapes to build his narrative.

Lambda Sond – New Reed 1. “Succinct sounds, stately atmospherics, affected instrumentation & synthetic chamber music. Eclectic ambient music of the highest order…” – Slow Music Movement. New Reed 1 is from their recording Waglands 1921 on the Imprec label.

Thomas P. Heckmann – Oblivious Excursion. Heckmann played a major role in the German Techno scene of the early 1990s and continues to be an influence on the electronic music coming out of the country.

Architects of Existence – Three Deep Breaths (excerpt). Architects of Existence is a duo consisting of Mick Chillage (featured on an earlier episode of All Sound) and Eric “the” Taylor. Together they release long form, drone and meditative ambient music.

John Beltran – Snowdrifts. Beltran got his start by creating jazz-inflected techno in Detroit. Tiring of the touring and club performance life, he turned to ambient music and has released nearly a dozen recordings. His track “Collage of Dreams” was licensed by HBO for the series Six Feet Under.

Marc Junker – Pour You. On Junker’s most recent recording, Prepared Piano 1.0, he combines electronics and a “digitally prepared piano.” Most of the pieces he works in short snippets, each of which is composed so that it can be looped endlessly. He cites videogame music as an influence for the idea of a piece that can be stretched to fit any necessary length of time.

Emeralds – Does It Look Like I’m Here? The Cleveland trio Emeralds offer up driving, sometimes frenetic synthesizer music that is reminiscent of 70s synth music like Tangerine Dream, Larry Fast’s Synergy, Klaus Schulze and Philip Glass.

Steve Roden – Winter Couplet. Roden recorded his EP Winter Couplet using only two tea cups to generate all the sounds. Originally presented at the LA Freewaves festival it was played through 8 speakers using cardboard tubes as resonators. Roden says the tubes were inspired by the work of architect Shigeru Ban.

Luke Sanger – Sassafrass. Sanger combines electronics, field recordings and sound design to create his lovely, off-kilter soundscapes on his latest recording Salt Water Motifs. Sanger is a long time member of the UK music scene working in genres as disparate as synthesized psychedelia, techno and dub.

Cruel Diagonals – Vestigial Mythology. Cruel Diagonals is a project from vocalist, producer and visual artist Megan Mitchell. For her 2023 release she set herself the challenge of using only her voice for all the sounds on the recording. The technological manipulations and overdubbed vocal tracks reinforce the dis-ease and melancholy at the heart of the song cycle.

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