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All Sound is Music Ep. 28

Once again All Sound is Music scours the globe looking for the most interesting ambient, electronic and experimental music to tickle your ears. Here are some notes and trivia about this month’s artists.

France Jobin – Graviton. Montreal composer Jobin calls her work “sound sculpture.” Using analog and digital devices she creates work inspired by architectural spaces and science. Her most recent work is an exploration in sound of quantum entanglement. Her audio/visual live performance of Entanglement premiered at Mutek Montreal in 2021. Find more about Jobin via her website: https://www.francejobin.com/

Fred Frith – Gaga-Kun. Frith has a long history as an experimental/avant-rock artist. Starting with Henry Cow and continuing to today. As an experimental guitarist, Frith often improvises with prepared guitars. Although not academically trained, Frith taught composition, improvisation and performance at Mills College for nearly 20 years. Now retired from teaching he continues to perform solo and in collaboration with other musicians. More: http://www.fredfrith.com/

Henry Vega – My Thought Walks Away with a Killing Smile. Vega received his Masters of Music in Sonology from The Institute of Sonology at the Royal Conservatory of the Hague. As the founder of Spycollective, co-founder of Artek Foundation he has been instrumental in creating organizations that foster the creation and performance of theater, visual and audio art. More: https://www.henryvega.net/

Stefano Tedesco – Music for Broken Instruments. Tedesco is an Italian composer/musician/vibrophone player. He hasn’t posted a bio, but all four of his Bandcamp releases are worth your attention. More: https://stefanotedesco.bandcamp.com/album/gamelan-trees

Thierry Holweck – Amanda Crisp (part two). Holweck combines the sounds of a modular synthesizer and field recordings to create improvised soundscapes that are rhythmic, melodica and evocative of alien pop songs. More: https://www.instagram.com/tholweck/

Les Paul – Brazil. Paul is widely known as a guitarist, sonic innovator and inventor. In Brazil, he records guitar parts at half speed then adds them at normal speed to a backing track, creating hyperactive, fast guitar parts. Brazil was recorded before the tape became widespread. Paul recorded on acetates, aluminum records, and then recorded the next part while playing the previous record. He is said to have used as many as 500 acetates to get one satisfactory recording.

This Will Destroy You – Escape Angle. Post-rock band This Will Destroy You use dynamics and guitar effects to create atmospheric instrumental pieces. Texture and simple melodies combine to form walls of engaging, sometimes crushing, sound. More: https://thiswilldestroyyoumusic.com/

Nils Frahm – Ambre. Frahm is known for his solo piano pieces and performances. He has scored films and played at prestigious venues around the world. Dig deep here: https://www.nilsfrahm.com/about/

Jan Jelinek – Vibraphonspulen. Jelinek is a German electronic musician who makes extensive use of samples from jazz and rock. His recording Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records is listed at number 7 of the best IDM records of all time by Pitchfork. More: https://janjelinek.com/

Polaroid Notes – Cloud Anthems. Eschewing biography, Polaroid Notes just releases recording after recording of beautiful ambient, cinematic music. More: https://polaroidnotes.bandcamp.com/

A Shamisen Orchestra – Blue Dawn. Guitarist Paolo Cortone took up the shamisen in 2014, becoming the first European to acquire an official Japanese stage name for shamisen performance. A Shamisen Orchestra places this traditional instrument in a contemporary setting. More: http://www.shamisenorchestra.com/

Thanks for reading and listening. You can hear All Sound is Music on rarityrockradio.fm every third Wednesday at 8 pm MST.

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